Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby and Beast

I recently made a trip back home and was lucky enough to have all my siblings and most of their families there as well. I couldn't resist showing you this picture of my youngest nephew - John Patrick - just 10 months old, reaching out to our Rotti, Tank. John Patrick loved our big dogs. I would have thought that they would scare him since they stood taller than he did but nope, he was thrilled to finally meet a BIG dog. Too cute, you should have seen him climb on Tank and then stand on Tank and then sit down on him, pat him on the head and said - "Dog". We were loving the show and Tank was a great sport - he never budged the whole time John Patrick was on him. He even treaded very gently when he followed John Patrick - a speeding bullet, crawling on his knees.

I wasn't quick enough to click the picture of Bella licking John Patrick's face. It was funny because he made a face and quick wiped the kiss off. How quickly they learn!

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paulatracy said...

How cute!! Someone to truely appreciate and enjoy those wet kisses!!