Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Today I'm going to share some information with you. I have been asked about the fonts I've used on my sentiments. Most of the specialties have come from Scrapnfonts. For a while they were offering freebies quite frequently. They still have 5 fonts for free which can be found in the lower right hand corner of the site. It's marked with a bright orange starburst and is titled "Free". Once you get into the freebies, just select the fonts that you would like to have. You will receive a zip file that you download onto your computer and place into your font directory.

I used the LD Going Nuts font on the sentiment of my King of the Jungle card. This happens to be one of the free fonts they offer right now. LD stands for Lettering Delights. I know that they have their own website now too that you can also find a large selection of fonts. Special offers come frequently from both sites and fonts are often $1 and many come bundled. Having stamped sayings is ok - but sometimes it's just not right. Having fonts on the computer allows me some freedom to personalize my sentiments so they are just right for my occasion.

Hope you find this little tidbit of information helpful. Have fun hunting for new fonts!


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Mary Frances said...

Cath, thanks so much for the tip!! Since I am not blessed with the gift of the perfect handwriting like Paula ~ I often use the computer to add sentiments to my cards. Can't wait to check out these new sources! Hugs xx