Friday, August 26, 2011

Bismark to the Rescue!

So you know it's Bellariffic Friday and you know that this week I designed the sketch for our weekly challenge...well I almost through up my hands and said "I can't". Believe it or not, I have mental blocks, creative flats, tired mistakes too. I had a great idea for this card - I won't share it right now 'cuz I'm still going to try it ...just when I have a day to dedicate to it. So for now we have Bismark coming to rescue me from telling ya all I have nothing to share. Bismark is another Mo Manning image released in rubber through Stamping Bella.

I know, it's also a little early to be thinking of Holiday cards, but I thought it was another opportunity for me get ahead of the game. Ppppft! Now there's a funny. I'm notorious for making the cards....just not sending them out! Part of it is because I like looking at them and the other is I'm moving on to the next one that needs being made. How about you? Does this happen in your craft kingdom too?

So I bought this new paper ... and had it sitting on my desk. I've searched high and low for the paper pack to tell you the manufacturer but it's buried somewhere. Do you see where this project is going? Wait it gets better....I colored this to be the main focal panel onto Bella's Bestest paper, colored with copics and went to add some surround shading with a new ink color. It looked great on my sample but ACCCKKK it killed all the hard work I put into coloring Bismark. So what's a girl to do but cut it out! So I salvaged it with a little snip here and then there and Voila it's saved! Then I decided to add a little more color to the strands of hair by his thing I knew you couldn't see his nose or his eyes, I had gone too dark. Now dagnabbit I was tired and needed to get to bed but I had to get this finished. So I restamped the image and colored just the face, cut it out and placed it on top of my mistake. Now we can really say Voila!

I cannot believe how much trouble this card gave me. But the moral is, crafters prevail! We turn mistakes into opportunities. I must say that I love the definition of the extra layer of face. I could have just said that I added another layer for depth but I think it's a much better story with all the mistakes. And then, I really like the look of the image all cut out. It gives us a chance to pull out a Cuttlebug embossing folder to spruce up the image panel. Oh and the surround color that went bad, well it was called Niagra Mist and it looked perfect on the edges of the bone. I had gotten some on each of the ends and I really like the way that turned out. So see, don't give up!

Phew...that was a mouth full. They don't call me Chatty Cathy for nothing! Now next week we are getting into the Back to School mode. So pull out any Stamping Bella image and create a Back to School themed card or creation. But don't loose out on the chance to win some Bella Bucks. Send a photo of your creation to by Thursday.

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by!



Leslie said...

I always say, there are no mistakes in rubber stamping! Bismark is adorable and you've done an excellent job on his fur! I love the popped up face and that he's cut out and that bow!! Wow!

Ebru Vatansever said...

hehehe, you know what when I do a sketch too I hit a mind block and can't seem to come up with anything. Don't fret it my friend you absolutely nailed your awesome sketch !!! Gorgeous card.

Tammy Hershberger said...

This is adorable, Cath! You're too hard on yourself! (And hey, I must have actually SENT a card to someone, but didn't remove it from my Etsy shop and it came back to bite me in the butt because someone bought it! So, moral of the story... don't send the cards! LOL)

Kerri Boucher said...

For some reason I have a very hard time leaving a comment it never lets me..Grt job on the card and awesome planning ahead I should follow your example and start my christmas cards..well grt job and I hope this works..

Dana White said...

Oh that is so funny because you know we've all been there - good for you to stop & think of a solution instead of just turfing it (guess which one I've done more then once!) Bismark is stunning the shading on his fur is perfect & I actually really like how he is popped onto the background piece & his face being popped really works because of the bone. Great sketch my friend

Anonymous said...

Great job, Cath. Bismark is way too cute. Hope you're surviving the storm!